Frequently Asked Questions


Who and why?

DoomCo Designs is the brainchild of Kent Fremon, lifelong Chicagoan, artist, and mechanical engineer. Started in the beginning of 2017, this digital design and physical fabrication company was started to explore the intersections between the theory of objects and the real-life capabilities of manufacturing!

Where is DoomCo Designs located and can I visit?

Our studio space (and lair) is located in a spooky dank warehouse on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. While the studio is not open to the public at large, we am happy to schedule a visit to discuss collaborations! Please use our contact form to get in touch about your project.

What mediums do you use to sculpt your designs?

We utilize a combination of Oculus Medium, SolidWorks and ZBrush to bring characters and objects to life in three-dimensions. With our in-house production capabilities, our toys, sculptures, and statues may also go through further finishing and painting processes in the physical world.

How will my physical item be shipped?

Physical toys and figurines are carefully packaged and fulfilled from our studio in Chicago, Illinois and shipped via USPS. Tracking information will be supplied upon fulfillment of your purchase.

How will I receive my digital download?

Once you’ve purchased an item, you will be offered a link to download in .obj format.

.OBJ is listed but I’d rather have a .STL file. Would you be able to supply a .STL/other format?

Our virtual statues are primarily offered as .obj files because they are universal to most 3D printing applications and easily convert to .stl among other filetypes. We may be able to accommodate special requests, please refer to our contact page.

How do you embed that neat spin-around 3D box in product pages?

Our designs are hosted on Sketchfab and embedded using their code for that effect. Click here to view our complete library of models hosted on the Sketchfab site.

Is there anywhere I can buy your toys and figurines in person? Where’s the best place to monitor for new DoomCo Designs releases?

Like most milennials, we’re easiest to keep up with on Instagram. We keep our feed up to date with information on all events we attend and/or vend at as well as information on upcoming releases.